Description of the Bond platform resources and their relationships to each other.

The diagram below summarizes the interactions between Bond resources and APIs.


A partnership between your company and a bank is represented by program_id. Every customer object and their associated account objects are linked to the program_id. To comply with financial regulations, you must perform a KYC check for customers before you can issue an account or card to them.

You can make instant fund transfers between accounts linked to the same program_id. Customers can link their external bank accounts with an account in the Bond platform. ACH fund transfers between an account and an external account can take up to a few days to clear.

The '/transactions` API fetches balances and details of fund transfers for all accounts.

API Fields

Bond APIs use identifiers to represent resources. Bond provides two of these identifiers when you sign up; others are generated when you execute API requests to create resources. Some identifiers are required parameters for multiple API endpoints.

The table below provides a quick reference for API fields that are used frequently across the Bond platform.

API fieldDescriptionOrigin
brand_idIdentifies your brand organization.Provided by Bond when your organization signs up.
program_idCard program ID represents the card program offered to customers by your brand in partnership with a bank.Provided by Bond when your organization signs up.
customer_idRepresents a customer resource.Generated when you Create a customer.
account_idRepresents a customer's account. The customer's cards are linked to this account.Generated when you create an account.
card_idRepresents a customer's card.Generated when you create a card.
external_account_idAn account ID for linking external providers, for example, Plaid.Generated during the linking external accounts process.
Used in accounts and transfers endpoints.
linked_account_idBond's identifier for a customer's linked external account.Created when you generate a Plaid Link token when linking external accounts.