Transaction types

Transaction types and details.


Transaction types provide a granular category to classify and better understand transactions, whereas Payment types provide a high-level understanding of the money movement method.

Each of the three card payment types (card, ACHACH - Automated Clearing House. The network that coordinates electronic payments and automated money transfers., and account) has its own list of transaction types as described in the following sections.

Card payments

The transaction types listed in the following table are all related to transactions that occur on a card network.

Transaction Type


chargeback credit

A dispute has resulted in a chargeback in favor of the card holder.

credit adjustment

A tip or additional amount was added to the transaction.

pos purchase

An online or in-store purchase was made.

purchase returns

An item that was purchased was returned.

ACH payments

The transactions types listed in the following table all result from an ACH transfer.

Transaction Type


ach debit

Money moved into your Bond account.

ach credit

Money moved out of your Bond account.

external ach

Money was moved from an external bank account to a Bond pseudo-DDA through an ACH.

Account payments

All Account transaction types occur within the Bond framework and do not use ACH or Card paths, which makes them instantaneous.

Transaction Type


load money onto card

Bond provided funds to a "master" account for initial distribution.

card to card

A peer-to-peer money movement transaction was made.

For a complete specification and interactive examples, see Retrieving transactions and history in the Bond API Reference.

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