Testing webhooks

How can you test in the sandbox that a webhook is working.


To monitor when certain events occur, we use webhooks. These are messages that are transmitted to a specified listener when the required event occurs. To test webhooks, you need to set up the required listener, create a webhook subscription, and then use our API which will generate the webhook which can be viewed by the listener.

To get up and running quickly, you may choose to use a webhook listener service to test and debug webhooks, such as webhook.site. This is the service used for the instructions that follow.

You will still need to build your own webhook listener to fully integrate into your own platform.

Testing webhooks

  1. Go to webhook.site (or the webhook listener of your choice) and copy the URL provided.
  2. Create a webhook subscription using the URL from step 1 and add the event(s) that you want to monitor to this subscription.
  3. Use any API that generates the webhook(s) event(s).
  4. Go to webhook.site and check in the Requests pane on the left to see that the required webhook event(s) was received.