Transaction states

Requests to the /transactions API fetch all transaction types, including card-to-card, ACHACH - Automated Clearing House. The network that coordinates electronic payments and automated money transfers., and account transactions. Bond's simplified set of transaction states is compatible across all vendors.

The table below lists transaction states and shows the types of transactions that return these states.

Transaction state







Transaction error based on network failure or a process timeout.


The account contained insufficient funds for the transaction or the transaction was denied based on other factors.


The transaction is pending a money movement and is currently being processed.


The transaction has been cancelled or voided. This may be due to the customer canceling the process.


The transaction has finalized and funds have been debited or credited from the receiver account.


The transaction has been reversed, either by the customer or by the bank.


Transaction failure states

When a card transaction fails, the network provides a failed response to the POS system, the eCommerce platform, or even the ATM. These failures are generally caused by network instabilities, which never result in the card processor registering a failed transaction. Therefore, even though a failed state exists, the Transaction API or Webhook, will not transmit a failed transaction.

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