What can you do on the Bond Portal Logs page.


All API calls and many of their details are logged and these details can be filtered and expanded. The logs enable you to track activity, investigate issues, and view trends.

What can you do on the Logs page

On this page you can:

  • View the history and details of all API calls made using your API keys.
  • Examine log details for each call.

The following API call details are displayed.

Item              DescriptionExample
StatusStatus returned for the call.200 or 409
MethodMethod used for the call.GET or POST
RouteRoute used by the call./api/v0.1/customers/71b452bf-4cd7-4cd8-93e7-18668232fed2/verification-kyc
TimeDate and time the call was made.1/16/2022 10:53:21 AM
IP AddressIP address from which the call was made.
DurationHow long it took for the response to be made to the call, in seconds.1.16300

Filtering log entries using the graphical interface

  1. Use one or more of the the following filters:
Filter selectionDescription
Date/TimeUsing the From and To calendars, select the date/time range to display.
StatusStatus of the API call response. Possible values:
  • 200
  • 201
  • 400
  • 404
  • 500
  • 502
MethodMethod used with the API call. Possible values:
  • Delete
  • GET
  • POST
IP AddressIP address from which the API call was made.
DurationDuration of the API call (in seconds). Range from 0 to upper limit.
  1. Click Filter.
  2. To clear the filter, click X next to any active filters.

Displaying log details

  1. Click on the log you want to examine.
    The details pane for the log is displayed on the right.
  1. Click Expand (chevron) to expand the required section, for example Request headers or Request Body.
    The relevant section is expanded.
  2. Click Copy all to copy all log details to your clipboard.