Description of the Bond Accounts resource

Accounts are the building block in the bond platform to enable a multitude of financial operations. Accounts store balances (USD). You can create accounts for various purposes. To see a list of accounts that Bond supports see: Account types.


Accounts require a program_id in order to be created. The Program ID represents the program set up between you and a Bond bank partner.

Types of Accounts

  • credit
  • debit
  • security deposit

The Credit Account works as way to lend money to your customers. The main use of a credit account is for our the Bond Credit Builder Card. With the credit account you can issue a card, track outstanding balances, and repayment of the credit account.

Bond supports Debit Accounts. These are accounts that contain funds, that can be transferred between Bond accounts as well as in and out of the Bond platform (via ACH)

The Accounts API allows you to create non-lending accounts (for lending accounts see our Credit Application API).

For more details on Account Types see our page.

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