A verified CustomerCustomer - One of the Bond Studio Services handling a consumer's personal information. can connect an external bank account to a card account, and transfer funds between them. Bond uses Plaid Link to authenticate customers' bank account information.

Plaid's Link web SDK, installed on the frontend, makes the Bond Studio /accounts API requests that interact with Plaid.

When a customer requests to link their card to an external account, Plaid returns a temporary token (link_token), that allows them to log into Plaid link and choose their bank account. Bond creates an identifier (linked_account_id), to represent the customer's external account within Bond Studio.

Once Plaid verifies the bank account, it passes another temporary token (public_token), back to Bond.

Bond requests a permanent token (access_token) from Plaid, in exchange for the temporary public_token. The access_token uniquely represents the customer's login for their bank account.

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