Credit Builder Card Overview

This guide covers the following elements of Bond's secured charge card experience:

What is a secured charge card?

Secured charge cards are a composite construct that pairs a charge card with a security deposit account. The balance in the security deposit account is effectively the credit limit of the charge card, and repayments on the charge card can be made from either the security deposit account or another bank account.

The credit limit of a charge card is equal to the balance of the security deposit account. Since the balance of the account starts at zero, users can't spend on their charge cards without funding the security deposit account. The security deposit account can be funded through a few different methods, including ACH and direct deposit.

The following graphic illustrates the the relationships and flow of funds between the:

  • Credit builder card
  • Security deposit account
  • Credit account
  • External bank account


Before you can create a secured charge card, if you haven't done so already, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Get your API keys
  2. Get your Program ID
  3. Register webhooks

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