Frequently asked questions about the Bond platform.

How long does it take for a transaction to settle?

  • Debit transactions usually settle within a day.
  • Credit transactions usually settle within three days.

Exceptions may be:

  • Hotels and airline tickets can sometimes take weeks to settle.
  • Gas stations usually take from 2 to 5 days.

What happens when a user fails the document upload process?

The KYC status is changed to failed and Bond will reach out to you directly to explain why this has happened. This does not happen very often.

When a user uploads documents during a KYC, is their application immediately moved to "manual review"?

Yes, during the KYC process, as soon as the user uploads the required document(s), their application status changes to under review. This happens immediately and a webhook is sent.

What are the regulations regarding closure of inactive credit accounts?

Regulations allow for the closure of an account after as little as three (3) months of no activity. An account may also be closed for other reasons, such as, changes in credit history with other creditors, late payments, and so on.

Can I set up an automatic billing updater?

This is a feature that will be active when the BIN goes live. The automatic billing updater provides automatic updates on various platforms when the PAN details change due to a card being reissued.

There are two billing updaters, VAU, (see VAU), and Mastercard ABU, (see ABU).