Transactions overview

How does Bond manage transactions and what are the attributes of a transaction.

The Bond /transactions API is based on the core transaction object. The attributes of the transaction object are valid for all types of payments; card, ACHACH - Automated Clearing House. The network that coordinates electronic payments and automated money transfers. ACH is a way to move money between banks without using paper checks, wire transfers, card networks, or cash., RDCRDC - Remote Deposit Capture. A technology-based method that lets banks accept checks for deposit using electronic images instead of the original, physical, paper versions. Remote deposit capture lets banking customers use their computers, tablets, or smartphones to conveniently deposit checks., and account.

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The transaction object contains the objects shown in the table below.




Contains the attributes specific to a transaction type. For example:

  • The details object for an ACH transfer includes the external_account_id.
  • The details object for a card purchase includes the retailer's MCC.
For information on the details object attributes for various transaction types, see Payment types.


Contains the balance data as of the moment Bond became aware of the transaction. See balances in the table below for more details.

An example of the details that are associated with a transaction is shown below.

    "page": 1,
    "pages": 1,
    "count": 2,
    "next_page": null,
    "transactions": [
            "transaction_id": "b9b8da9a-5ff2-4e5c-84ee-587b7d092f6b",
            "bond_brand_id": "8ed5c9fe-581b-490a-9dcb-3302db235a4b",
            "customer_id": "6493109c-7cb5-4f21-9d19-d9c3901d452d",
            "account_id": "9dc86a8a-4c12-4107-84a8-e7cf6a76586f",
            "payment_type": "card",
            "transaction_type": "credit",
            "previous_transaction_id": null,
            "state": "pending",
            "amount": "5.30",
            "currency": "USD",
            "created_time": "2021-02-02T22:27:13+00:00",
            "updated_time": "2021-03-02T20:39:56+00:00",
            "balances": {
                "prior_balance": "68.83",
                "new_balance": "63.53"
            "details": {
                "card_id": "71efc729-830f-455f-9525-281c19bb4bb4",
                "mcc": "3542",
                "mcc_description": "matrix dynamic eyeballs",
                "currency": "USD",
                "exchange_rate": "0.00",
                "merchant_id": "9le8DI5z8am54O3b",
                "merchant_name": "Baldwin, Wright and Martinez",
                "merchant_city": "New Nathanshire",
                "merchant_state": "Missouri",
                "merchant_country": "Colombia",
                "merchant_postal_code": "34100",
                "merchant_currency": "",
                "merchant_amount": "",
                "exchange_rate": "",
                "cardholder_presence": true,
                "statement_descriptor": "Target #4744",
                "arn": "000091556011",
                "fraud_rule_triggered": "spend_velocity"
            "transaction_id": "6460856a-e431-4d5f-a6d2-deb87c01042f",
            "bond_brand_id": "4b3fab91-7b67-4300-95f7-437dacac5e78",
            "customer_id": "00b9a8ed-03b5-4ce4-a0dd-9bb47aefd2b0",
            "account_id": "9e5f7953-743d-46d0-88ae-dacc395e8030",
            "payment_type": "ach",
            "transaction_type": "credit",
            "previous_transaction_id": null,
            "state": "pending",
            "amount": "3.22",
            "currency": "USD",
            "created_time": "2021-01-17T06:37:44+00:00",
            "updated_time": "2021-03-04T01:09:46+00:00",
            "balances": {
                "prior_balance": "57.10",
                "new_balance": "53.88"
            "details": {
                "card_id": "21775c4e-c74e-40e8-83ec-1e2c9781d587",
                "external_account_id": "d6517906-a318-43b5-849f-0b42032c0a1f",
                "class_code": "ppd",
                "direction": "credit",
                "network": "ach",
                "description": "Testing",
                "failure_reason": "Invalid ACH routing number",
                "return_code": "R13"

The following table describes the transactions attributes.




Unique ID for a Bond transaction.


Varies, based on the payment_type.


Type of payment made. Valid values; card, ach, rdc, account.
For details, see Payment Types.


Varies, based on payment_type.
For details, see Transaction states.


The UUID of your brand.


The UUID for your customer.


The UUID of the account. Each customer_id can have more than one account_id associated with it.


The value of the transaction in USD.


The currency used in the transaction.
Currently only USD is supported.


ISO currency for the transaction, for example USD.


The original value of the transaction before an currency conversions.


The conversion rate used for the transaction.


The time the transaction is initiated. If the user swipes a card at a POS terminal, this timestamp displays the time at the POS.


The time the transaction was updated.


Note that the current names are misleading, and will be changed in a future version.

prior_balance— Actually refers to the "current" balance. The current balance includes all completed transactions, but not pending transactions.
new_balance— Actually refers to the "available" balance. The available balance includes all transactions, pending and completed.

For a complete specification and interactive examples, see Transactions in the Bond API Reference.

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