Description of the Bond Portal Transactions section.

The Transactions section provides all the basic tools for you to monitor day-to-day activity of your transactions.


On this page you can:

  • View the history and details of all transactions made by your clients.
  • Click on a specific transaction to view details of the transaction.
  • Download a list of the transactions to an MS Excel spreadsheet.
  • Filter transactions using the graphical interface, for example, by date range or by payment type.

The transaction details shown in the following table are displayed.

Transaction detailDescription
DateDate the transaction occurred.
StatusStatus of the transaction, for example Pending or Declined. For details, see Transaction states.
DescriptionMerchant name.
Transaction TypeType of the transaction, for example Pos Purchase or Cash Withdrawal.
For details, see Transaction types.
AmountValue of the transaction.
BalanceBalance of the card immediately after the transaction was made.
Last 4Last four digits of the Primary Account Number.

Filtering transactions

Filtering transactions using the graphical interface

You can use the provided filters to reduce the number of transactions displayed so that you view only the ones you are interest in.

Use one or more of the the filters shown in the following table.

Filter selectionDetails
Look up transactionLook up by:
  • Last 4 digits of card
  • CRN
  • Client ID
  • Transaction ID
Payment TypePossible values:
  • Account
  • ACH
  • Card
For details, see Payment types.
Transaction TypeFor possible values, see Transaction types.
Transaction StatusPossible values:
  • Cancelled
  • Completed
  • Declined
  • Pending
  • Returned
For details, see Transaction states.
Date rangeClick on From date and use the calendar to select the beginning date of the range. Click on the To date and use calendar to select the end date of the range to display.

Filtering using the Look up

You can search for a string in the fields shown in the following table. The search term can contain only alphanumeric characters and hyphens.

Transaction IDUnique ID of the transaction, for example a00862b0-a8f0-4cc2-a692-9ba142d129a0.
CRNCard Reference Number of the specific transaction.
Last 4Last four digits of the Primary Account Number.
CRNCustomer ID of the card holder.

Displaying transaction details

  1. Click on the transaction you want to examine.
    The details pane for the transaction is displayed on the right.

  1. Click on Expand (down arrow) to expand the required section, for example Card info or Merchant info.
    The relevant section is expanded. Depending on the status of the transaction, you may be able to change its status.

Downloading the transactions list

  1. Filter the transactions to display those you want to download.
  2. Click Download.
  3. From the Save As popup, select the path and enter the file name to where you want to save the results.
  4. Click Save.

Next Steps