Account transfers

Bond Studio supports internal and external fund transfers:

  • Internal transfers move funds from one Bond card account to another Bond card account, which we call a card-to-card transfer.
  • External transfers move funds between a Bond card account and an external bank account. Both external card-to-bank and bank-to-card transfer flows are supported and are facilitated by ACHACH - Automated Clearing House. The network that coordinates electronic payments and automated money transfers..

Currently, only transfers in USD currency are supported. ▶ Run in Postman

Managing transfers

The Bond Studio transfers API manages all fund transfers in and out of a card account. To initiate a fund transfer, make a POST request to the /transfers endpoint.

The type body parameter specifies whether the transfer is internal (card-to-card) or external (ach). Bond source and destination account IDs are also required parameters.

ACH transfers require extra body parameters.

Each transfer is represented by a unique transfer_id. You can view all transfers in and out of card accounts by executing a request to the `/transactions](ref:transactions) endpoint. See Transactions overview for more information.

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