What are error codes and what might they contain.


It's frustrating when you receive an error. At Bond, we provide standardized error messages that are informative and that help you to isolate and solve problems as quickly as possible.

In general, we use HTTP Status Codes to indicate the success or failure of request calls, but we also provide our own codes to aid in problem solving.


Every error has the same format consisting of four main parts:

  • Type—The highest level grouping of errors. The type dictates the kind of action you should take.
  • Code—The second level grouping of errors. Different errors with the same code may have a different message but have the same categorical cause.
  • Message—A verbose and informative description of why the error happened.
  • Status—The HTTP Status Code of the response.

An example of an error message is shown below.

  "Message": "Card 940627e1-c5c6-4ebc-9ddf-6062a10dfa28 does not exist.", 
  "Status": 404, 
  "Code": "card_dne", 
  "Type": "Request Error"

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