Card program ID

Description of the Bond Program UUID and its relationship to the relevant accounts.

The program_id UUID represents a partnership between you and a bank. You may partner with multiple banks to offer a range of financial products to customers where each of these combinations is represented within the Bond platform by a unique program_id.

The following chart illustrates the processes that require the program_id to be passed as a body parameter in a request.

Bond provides infrastructure for brands to offer banking services to their customers. Within the Bond platform, the program_id represents the financial institution for a customer object.

If your brand has partnerships with multiple banks, you can allow your customers to have cards from more than one card program. Both the customer_id and the program_id are required parameters for the API request to create a card.

Card configurations

A card can be virtual, physical, or dual. This configuration is determined by the program_id that is provided by Bond based on your requirements.


A virtual card can be used in exactly the same way as a physical card, with the exception of POS terminals. As soon as you create this card, your customer can use it for purchases.


A physical card is issued as inactive and is automatically shipped to the customer on issue. You need to activate it before it can be used.


A dual card configuration results in both a virtual and a physical card being issued at the same time, each with the same number but different CVVCVV - Card Verification Value. An authentication code added to a payment card for use during the authorization process. The purpose of the CVV is to verify that the cardholder making the transaction during a card-not-present transaction actually possesses the credit or debit card being used for the purchase. Credit card companies have their own name for the code. For Visa and MasterCard, the code appears as three digits on the back of the card. For American Express, the verification code appears as four digits on the front of the card. numbers. When you create a dual card, the virtual card is active but physical card is inactive until you activate it. This automatically deactivates the virtual card.

The physical card is shipped to the customer as soon as you create it.

Supplementary cards

A supplementary card can only be created if this is enabled in the program_id for the customer. For details, see Creating a supplementary card.

Financial regulations

Financial regulations compel banks to ensure that their customers' personal details have been verified, so the Bond KYC process must be executed for every program_id where a customer has an account. Both the customer_id and the program_id are required parameters for KYC verification requests because the combination indicates that Bond is executing verification of a particular customer on behalf of a particular bank.

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