Triggering KYB Scenarios

How to trigger various KYB scenarios in the sandbox, for example rejecting the process.


In general, running a KYB in the sandbox results in an initialized status and a corresponding kyb.verification.initiated webhook event. However, for testing purposes you might want to trigger the KYB status to be in the rejected or warning state.

You can use the ein and legal_business_name properties of a Business resource to trigger the KYB status.

Triggering KYB scenarios

The following table lists the event and trigger used to set the KYB status.

Mock eventBusiness resource/ein
"ein": "11-0000099"
"ein": "11-0000099",
"legal_business_name": "Unregistered Business"

The following is an example of a successful request to change the KYB status.

    "business_id": "86da242e-f83a-466c-93a5-211755aa6b6b",
    "kyb_status": "rejected",
    "details": [
            "code": "rejected_address",
            "reason": "address verification failed"
            "code": "rejected_name",
            "reason": "name verification failed"

For a complete specification and interactive examples, see Simulate KYB scenarios.

Next Steps