Description of the Bond Customer resource and it's relationship to other resources.

The customer resource represents a consumer in the Bond platform. These are used to associate a consumer to objects within the Bond platform.

You can create and manage customer instances with the customers API.

When you create a new customer object, the consumer's personal identification details are required body parameters for the request. The response returns a unique identifier for the new customer instance, customer_id.

The following chart shows the interactions between the customer resource and other Bond objects and processes.


Customer verification

To comply with financial services regulations, you must initiate a Know Your Customer request to verify the information that the customer supplied. The customer_id and program_id are required parameters in the verification requests. The program_id identifies a partnership between the brand and a Bond bank partner.

Issue a card to a customer

You can issue a card for a verified customer by making a request by making a request to the /cards endpoint.



You will need to open an Account first in order to create a card.

The account_id is required for the Create a card endpoint.

Link an account to an external bank account

Verified customers have the option to link an external bank account with their account. The customer can then transfer funds between their account and an external bank account.

To comply with financial regulations, Bond verifies the external bank account and then creates a unique external_account_id identifier for a validated external account.

View a customer's transaction and account balance

To view transactions made by a customer, pass the customer_id as a query parameter in a request to the transactions API.

To view a customer's balance, pass the customer_id as a query parameter in a request to the get all accounts API. Or if you know the account_id you can use Get account.