Postman Collection

How can you use our Postman collection.

Install Postman

Postman is available on a variety of platforms, please visit Postman to see if your platform is supported.

Import Collection

To import a collection, click on any of the ▶ Run in Postman buttons in our guides and you will be prompted to open your local Postman application to import. For further information, please visit the Postman documentation on importing data.

Generate Auth Keys

See Getting your API key for details on how to get auth keys.

Configure Postman Environment

You will need to set your auth keys as environment variables. You can set the variables in the headers in the environment tab within the postman collection.

IdentityAn authentication identifier used by the Bond platform authentication service. Primarily this is used to identify which organization a request originates from.
AuthorizationThe api key associated to the Identity
program_idTest program id found in the Develop tab in Bond Portal

Execute Requests

  1. Select the environment you just configured
  2. Select a request to execute
  3. Click the "Send" button

When necessary, our collections will define variables that are needed for downstream requests.