1. Prerequisites

What preparations do you need to make before you can create a customer.

1. Getting your API keys

To interact with the API endpoints on Bond's platform, a pair of identity and authorization API keys must be supplied in the request headers. For details, see Getting your API key.

2. Retrieving your program ID

A Program ID is a UUID value that represents a relationship between you and a bank, and is often associated one-to-one with a financial product. For the purposes of this guide, the program ID is affiliated with consumer secured credit accounts. You can find your program_id in the Bond Portal under the Developers tab. For details, see Getting your Program ID.

3. Registering webhooks

We use webhooks to signal asynchronously that work has been done in response to certain API requests. These webhooks are for convenience as any information provided asynchronously in the webhooks can also be retrieved using synchronous API requests. In this guide, we are interested in webhooks specifically in the following categories:

  • credit
  • kyc
  • transactions
  • cards

Webhook registration can be done using the Bond Portal or via API. For details, see Webhook events and subscriptions.