Transaction lifecycle

Overview of the transaction lifecycle.


Understanding the lifecycle of a transaction is just as important as knowing that a transaction has actually occurred. Whatever your role, it can be critical to know the exact state a transaction is in or the states it has been through. Bond provides full status and details of a transaction at every stage of its lifecycle.

Transaction state lifecycle

Bond transactions typically have the following states across all payment types, with the exception of card-to-card transactions that can only have a complete state.


Transaction states

The states of a transaction and their descriptions are shown in the table below.

startA transaction starts from a card swipe, online purchase, a check scan, or an ACH transfer.
failed or declinedIf there are network issues, it is possible for a transaction to fail.
Declined transactions are usually caused by insufficient funds, use of a frozen account, or if there are limitations on the merchant categories for using the card.
pendingWhile a transaction is being processed it is placed in a pending state.
cancelledA user may try to cancel a transaction when it's in the pending state. This my be due to a product being on back order or a ACH transfer not being correctly defined.
completedOnce a transaction is posted, it is in the completed state.
returnedTransactions may be returned or reversed once they have been completed. For example, this can occur when merchandise is returned or if a chargeback occurs.

For more details, see Transaction states.

Transaction state example

    "transaction_id": "94ab1902-2406-4894-99cf-9888e62e1288",
    "bond_brand_id": "123456abcdef",
    "customer_id": "1234567abcdef",
    "account_id": "12345678abcdef",
    "payment_type": "card",
    "transaction_type": "POS Purchase",
    "state": "Pending",
    "amount": "-2.00",
    "currency": "USD",
    "created_time": "2021-03-16T16:17:39.578198+00:00",
    "updated_time": "2021-03-16T16:16:57",
    "details": {
        "card_id": "abcdef1234567890",
        "mcc": "5942",
        "mcc_description": "Book Stores",
        "currency": "USD",
        "merchant_id": "784959000762203",
        "merchant_name": "     ",
        "merchant_city": "",
        "merchant_state": "WA",
        "merchant_postal_code": "34100",
        "merchant_currency": "USD",
        "merchant_amount": "-2.00",
        "exchange_rate": "1.00",
        "cardholder_presence": false,
        "statement_descriptor": "Pre-Auth Transaction-POS Signature Purchase"