Credit applications overview

Overview on creating and managing credit applications for a customer.

In order to determine whether your user is eligible for a secured charge card, you need to create and submit a credit application on their behalf containing their personal details.

After creating the application, you need to submit it. Submitting a credit application triggers the following:

  • KYC process to ensure that the customer information is genuine
  • Creation of a secured deposit account once the KYC process is approved

Once the customer has passed the KYC checks, a secured charge card can be issued but the limit on the card is $0 until funds are deposited in the security account. Creation of a card not only creates the card, but also creates an associated credit account.

If the KYC process fails, the reason for the failure can be retrieved using the
GET /credit/applications/{application_id}/adverse-actions operation.

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This section covers:

For a complete specification and interactive examples, see Creating a credit application in the Bond API Reference.