What's different from v0?

What's new and what's changed from v0?


A number of major changes have been made to make it easier to implement our platform and also to provide better usability for our customers.

In v0.1, only secured charge cards are supported at this time. Unsecured credit cards and prepaid cards are not supported but are still available in v0. Support for these on v0.1 will be released in the coming months.

Due to changes in how the cards API works, cards issued in v0 can't be accessed with v0.1 APIs and vice versa.

Plaid for linking external accounts is not present on v0.1 and you must use v0 for linking external accounts.

What's new in v0.1?

  • Secured charge credit cards
  • Transfers/payments:
    • Secured deposit account to a credit account (repayments)
    • ODFI from an external account to a secured deposit account
    • ODFI from an external account to a credit account (repayment)
    • RDFI from an external account to a secured deposit account
    • RDFI from an external account to a credit account (repayment)

For details, see User Guide—Transfers and API Reference—Transfers.

  • Account statements:
    • Credit account statements
    • Deposit account statements
    • Secured deposit account statements
  • KYC is now an integral and automatic part of a credit application

What's no longer available?


  • /transactions Balance object has been deprecated
  • /transactions/{transaction_id}/history is not available but may be reintroduced in the future

For details, see User Guide—Transactions and API Reference—Transactions.


/balances has been deprecated and is replaced by the balances function in /accounts

Use the /accounts api to check the balance of a card. Cards are attached to accounts which holds the balance for a card.

For details, see Accounts Overview and Accounts

External accounts

/accounts collection is now used for the new v0.1 account structure (see accounts). Creating external accounts via API is only supported on v0 at this time. External accounts will be added to v0.1 API in the near future.
If you are using the Bond SDK you will not notice any change.

For details, see User Guide—External accounts.

Method changes

API that changes Changes

  • Cards re-issue /cards/card_id/reissue
  • Activate Card /cards/card_id/activate
  • Close Card /cards/card_id/close


/cards/change_status/{card_id} is now /cards/{card_id}

  • Card status is now part of the PATCH method.


  • /cards/close/{card_id} is now /cards/{card_id}/close
  • /cards/{card_id}/activate_physical_card is now /cards/{card_id}/activate
  • /cards/reissue/{card_id} is now /cards/{card_id}/reissue

Card field changes

Fields removed



object—This is no longer needed.


This has been moved to account_number on the Accounts resource.


This has been moved to routing_number on the Accounts resource.


This has been moved to the Accounts resource.


This has been renamed to account_id

Field added



cards now accepts account_id for secured charge cards.

For details, see User Guide—Cards and API Reference—Cards.

Functional changes


This has been moved to account and is no longer present on cards.

For details, see User Guide—Accounts and API Reference—Accounts.

Change Card Status

/v0/cards/change_status/{card_id} has been deprecated and has been merged with the /v0.1/cards/{card_id} functionality.

You can now PATCH the card status on the card resource.

Credit limit

This has been moved to cards.

cards no longer takes credit_limit as a field. To alter the credit limit of a card you need to PATCH the credit_limit on accounts.

Create a card

cards now requires account_id and no longer takes program_id. The account_id for v0.1 is the secured_deposit_account_id. More account types will be available soon in the future.

Prepaid cards

Prepaid cards require program_id in order to be created. This functionality currently exists only in v0.

Unsecured credit cards

Unsecured credit cards are supported on v0 /cards api. We will be extending this soon to v0.1 as we add support for additional account types.


The Accounts collection no longer supports external accounts (see v0 documentation). The Accounts collection now creates Accounts objects.



Linking external accounts requires you to use the v0 APIs.

The create account endpoint does not create secured deposit accounts.


  • Webhook response payload now contained within webhook_subscription object.
    • webhook_subscription Object in synchronous responses
    • webhook_subscriptions List in the Get all webhook subscriptions api response
  • status
  • New version field allows you to designate the version of webhook payload Bond will send to your system.
  • Removed action add_events and remove_events. You can now patch the exact events to be configured.
  • events PATCH and POST support wildcarding of events.
    • example: cards.* kyc.* ect.
  • url keyname replaces callback_url

For details, see User Guide—Webhooks and API Reference—Webhooks.

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