6. Linking an external account to a card

How do you link to an external account to a card.




To use our API to link external accounts, you must use the v0 API.

See Linking external accounts.

The linking external accounts SDK provided by the Bond platform allows you to create an application that acts as a building block for your software solution when you need to interact with a customer's external account. For example, without having to write the code yourself, you can use the SDK to:

  • Link to an external account.
  • Make micro-deposits to verify the account.

The external account SDK provided by Bond is a Javascript wrapper that uses Promises which makes it easy for you to handle the asynchronous, external account requests made to our API.

The SDK provides a BondExternalAccounts object that contains several methods that map to the calls and parameters described in the Linking accounts API documentation.

The accounts API allows you to link a customer's Bond card to their verified external bank account. The customer can then transfer funds back and forth between their card account and the linked external account. Once the link is established, we use the linked_account_id identifier to represent the customer's external account.

For details regarding the Bond Linking accounts SDK, see Linking external accounts SDK.