The transactions API retrieves information about the flow of funds into and out of all card accounts linked to a brand.

Requests to the transfers API execute ACHACH - Automated Clearing House. The network that coordinates electronic payments and automated money transfers. or card-to-card transfers of funds to or from a card account. Each transfer is represented by a unique transfer_id identifier.

The following chart illustrates fund transfers into and out of a customer's card account. Card-to-card transfers with the same program_id are executed immediately. ACH transfers between cards and verified external bank accounts can take up to a few days to clear.

You can use query and pagination parameters to filter the transactions by customer, card account, date, and payment types.

To fetch the details of a single transfer request, use the GET /transfers/{transfer_id} operation and provide the relevant parameters. For a complete specification and interactive examples, see Retrieving a transfer in the Bond API Reference.

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