Description of the Bond Business resource and it's relationship to other resources.

The business resource represents a company that has signed up for an account with a card program offered by your brand.

You can create and manage business instances using the business API.

When you create a new business object, the company's official details are required body parameters for the request. The response returns a unique identifier for the new business instance, business_id.

A business must have at least one Beneficial Owner who is the owner/stakeholder in the company.

The business must be submitted to the KYB process to verify that the business details are correct and which checks that all the details are accurate and valid. Before the company can be issued a card, all Beneficial Owners must also undergo KYC for the business to achieve full verification.

The following chart shows the interactions between the business resource and other Bond objects and processes.


Business verification (KYB)

To comply with financial services regulations, you must initiate a KYB to verify the information that the company supplied. For a complete specification and interactive examples, see KYB in the Bond API Reference.

Beneficial Owners

You must add at least one Beneficial Owner to a business and every Beneficial Owner must undergo the KYC to verify their information. For a complete specification and interactive examples, see KYC in the Bond API Reference.

Issue a card to a business

You can issue a card for a verified business by making a request by making a request to the /cards endpoint.



You will need to open an Account first in order to create a card.

The account_id is required for the Create a card endpoint.

Link an account to an external bank account

To comply with financial regulations, Bond verifies the external bank account and creates a unique external_account_id identifier for each validated external account.

You can link an external bank account with a business'. The business can then transfer funds back and forth between an account associated with the business and the external bank account.

View a businesses' transactions and account balances

To view transactions made by a business card, pass the account_id as a query parameter in a request to the transactions API. To view the balance held on an account by a business, pass the account_id as a query parameter in a request to the get accounts API.