Overview and getting started

What is the sandbox for and how can you start to use it.


The sandbox that Bond provides allows you to run APIs in a sandbox environment so that you can test your programs without having to worry about live data or unintended consequences.

You can perform almost every function that our systems offer, from creating a customer or business through to settling a transaction on a card.

Having a sandbox where you can simulate functions gives you the ability to test your applications so that you can develop robust and reliable systems before going live. This means that you can be sure your applications are stable and reliable before providing them to your customers.

Getting started

To get started with your sandbox and run Bond APIs, you need an API KeyAPI Key - Application Programming Interface key. The unique identifier used to authenticate requests associated with your project for usage, and which is required for every API call.. Your API key is used in requests from your Bond account to the Bond APIs.

Your brand can have any number of API keys, each with a varying levels of permissions. Currently, all API keys generated have access to all the endpoints within the Bond platform.



Your key is related to your Bond account and can be used by all members of your team.

To get started using your sandbox:

  1. Contact Bond support to register.
  2. Go to Bond Portal management app and log in.
  3. Get your API key.
  4. Run APIs in the sandbox.

For details regarding these steps, see Getting your API key.


Save a copy of the identity and authorization to a safe place

If you lose the authorization it can't be retrieved.

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