Introduction and overview

A brief overview of how Bond University helps you to build your financial product with Bond Studio.


Welcome to Bond! Our mission is to help companies like yours quickly and seamlessly embed best-in-class financial products. To build, launch and scale your product, you do not need to integrate with any other vendors outside of Bond. This guide gives you a good overview of your integration process and gives you a sense of the advantages of building with Bond. As you continue to prepare and build your financial solution, we stand ready to help you get it over the finish line.


Implementation Timeline Chart

Implementation overview

As you prepare for your integration with Bond, there are three main phases: two phases that are pre-production, and the third phase which is live. Across these three phases, there are five workstreams: operations, technical integration, legal, compliance and risk, sales and marketing, and go-live.

At kickoff, we align and get feedback on the scope of your financial services offering, mapping out your final flow of funds, the tests to run on our sandbox, and executing on our Terms of Use. Once these key activities are complete, the rest of phase 1 entails due diligence, opening accounts, and signing bank disclosures. Phase 2 is before go-live and the focus is on ensuring your marketing collateral is compliant, performing pavement testing, and doing risk assessment. Phase 3, as your program is live, is all about monitoring your program’s activities, tweaking your marketing and overall go to market, and iterating. We going live with customers in under 90 days, but we’ve had customers launch with us as soon as a few weeks!

Bond financial dictionary

If you think financial services are full of unfamiliar jargon and abbreviations, trust us, you're not alone. Here is our Bond financial dictionary at your service to demystify some of the financial services jargon.

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