Error statuses

What error statuses does Bond provide.

The HTTP error status is returned in the payload of the response to an API call. Response statuses fall mainly into three categories.

2xx Responses

A 2xx status indicates a successful response. The requested action has been completed successfully. Within a 2xx response, there are two main statuses:

  • 200—Success. Data is returned to the user. Resources may have been edited or deleted.
  • 201—Successful resource creation. This new resource can be referenced in subsequent requests.

4xx Responses

A 4xx status indicates the failure of a request. Usually this indicates an issue with the client's request or something to do with the communication between the client and server. When related to a client request which we refer to as a Request Error, there may be an issue with a malformed schema or a reference to non existent resources as well as other possible reasons.
Within a 4xx response, there are four main statuses:

  • 400—Failure - Bad Request. The request is malformed in some way. Typically, these are problems with the schema.
  • 403—Failure - Forbidden. You are not authorized to access the resource that you are attempting to access.
  • 404—Failure - Resource Nonexistent. The resource currently being edited or deleted does not exist. Try to reference a different resource.
  • 424—Failure - Resource Reference. The inter-service resource reference has failed. This may be due to data inconsistencies or service liveliness. Contact support.

5xx Responses

A 5xx status also indicates a failure, but these failures are due to issues with Bond's servers. Ideally, you would never encounter a 5xx error. For all 5xx errors, contact support and check our status pages.
Within a 5xx response, these are the main statuses:

  • 500—Failure - Internal Server Error. The request created an internal error in the service. Some of these are unknown. Others are known, depending on the Bond error code.
  • 503—Failure - Service Unhealthy. The service is unavailable. Check the status page to see when it will be back online.
  • 504—Failure - Gateway Timeout. The load balancing for the service is taking too long to process. This may be due to high traffic loads or other related outages.