Description of the Bond platform resources and their relationships to each other.

The diagram below summarizes the interactions between Bond resources and APIs.

A partnership between your brand and a bank is represented by program_id. Every customer object and their associated card objects are linked to the program_id. To comply with financial regulations, you must perform a KYCKYC - Know Your Customer. A standard banking risk assessment practice to prevent identity theft, money laundering, fraud, and terrorism by verifying customer identities and understanding their transaction habits. KYC is a mandatory requirement of legal compliance in the financial sector. check for customers before you can issue a card to them.

You can make instant fund transfers between card accounts linked to the same program_id. Customers can link their external bank accounts with a card account. ACHACH - Automated Clearing House. The network that coordinates electronic payments and automated money transfers. ACH is a way to move money between banks without using paper checks, wire transfers, card networks, or cash. fund transfers between a card and an external account can take up to a few days to clear.

The /balances API and /transactions API fetch balances and details of fund transfers for all accounts associated with all card programs for a brand.

API Fields

Bond APIs use identifiers to represent resources. Bond provides two of these identifiers when you sign up; others are generated when you execute API requests to create resources. Some identifiers are required parameters for multiple API endpoints.

The table below provides a quick reference for API fields that are used frequently across the Bond platform.

API field




Identifies your brand organization.

Provided by Bond when your organization signs up.


Card program ID represents the card program offered to customers by your brand in partnership with a bank.

Provided by Bond when your organization signs up.


This is your brand's own representation of a customer resource.

You provide this value.


Represents a customer resource.

Generated when you Create a customer.


Represents a customer's card account. The customer's cards are linked to this account.

Generated when you create a card.


Represents a customer's card.

Generated when you create a card.


An account ID for linking external providers, for example, Plaid.

Generated during the linking external accounts process.
Used in accounts and transfers endpoints.


Bond's identifier for a customer's linked external account.

Created when you generate a Plaid Link token when linking external accounts.

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